• Innovate AI in Taiwan and for The World.

  • Bring technology to meet nature and humanity.

  • Create impacts and improvements for human well-being.


Taiwan AI Labs develop the next-generation AI solutions.

Our team empowers intelligence for Taiwan healthcare system, smart city solutions and social natural conversations. We collaborate with top research institutes in the world and works on cutting edge technologies in large-scale system.

Our mission is to define the future experience with AI for the world.

Research Areas


We leverage Taiwan’s comprehensive medical data and work with doctors and top scientists to solve complex human health problems.

Smart City

We collaborate with local and central governments to bring machine intelligence to city aspects including environment and transportation.

Human Interaction

We’re exploring new user experiences for the age of AI. We work on social natural conversations, Image recognition, text and AI music.

Recent Blogs


「台灣聯合學習醫療聯盟」今日於台灣人工智慧實驗室 (Taiwan AI Labs) 由陳建仁前副總統、國發會高仙桂副主委、科技部林敏聰次長、疫情指揮中心張上淳召集人、食藥署李明鑫主秘、臺大楊泮池前校長、臺大醫院吳明賢院長、北醫附醫陳瑞杰院長、北榮陳適安副院長、三總王智弘院長、台北慈濟醫院鄭敬楓副院長、中國醫藥大學附設醫院許凱程主任等多家醫學中心代表與計畫主持人,以及Taiwan AI Labs創辦人杜奕瑾共同宣佈啟動。

抗疫即戰力!Taiwan AI Labs老藥新用模擬資料庫躍上國際期刊

台灣人工智慧實驗室與中研院、臺灣大學、陽明大學等國內學研單位COVID-19合作平台,在科技部支持下,從「老藥新用」角度著手,投入在較可能有效用之化合物上,加速研究進度。DockCoV2目前已累積兩萬多筆模擬結果,並於2020年10月刊登於Google Scholar生物化學研究領域排名第一的期刊《核酸研究 (Nucleic Acids Research)》。

DockCoV2: a drug database against SARS-CoV-2

The current state of the COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis. From December 2019 to September 2020, SARS-CoV-2 has infected over 32 million people, and caused more than one million deaths worldwide. To fight the novel coronavirus, one…

Guitar Transformer and Jazz Transformer

At the Yating Music Team of the Taiwan AI Labs, we are developing new music composing AI models extending from our previous Pop Music Transformer model (see the previous blog).  In October 2020, we are going to present two full papers documenting…

Ensure High Availability for Services: Endpoint Monitoring with AWS

HA and Monitoring Availability is a quality attribute that, in general, refers to the degree to which a system is in an operable state. High availability then describes the set up of infrastructure that prevents a single point of failure and…

Harmonia: an Open-source Federated Learning Framework

Federated learning is a machine learning method that enables multiple parties (e.g., mobile devices or organization) to collaboratively train a model orchestrated by a trustable central server while keeping data locally. It has gained a lot…

Missing facts and source classifier of daily news

With the development of the Internet, it is convenient that one can get news from network rapidly. Nonetheless, it is also dangerous since a person might have a preference for a specific news medium over others, and the news medium may have its position to report news while missing some facts that they do not want people to know. For the purpose, we propose a system to detect missing facts from a news report.

Pop Music Transformer: Beat-based Modeling and Generation of Expressive Pop Piano Compositions

Paper (ACM Multimedia 2020):  https://arxiv.org/abs/2002.00212 (pre-print) Code (GitHub):  https://github.com/YatingMusic/remi   We've developed Pop Music Transformer, a deep learning model that can generate pieces of expressive…

The World's First 360° AI Aerial Transportation Management

FREEWAY FILMA documentary highlighting locations along Highway No. 61, expected to be completed by the end of next year, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to  create the rest of the footage in Chi Po-Lin’s style. Date: October 28, 2019 Taiwan…