Human Interaction

In the past few decades, the trajectory of technological advancements has essentially been improving the way human communicates and interacts with machine. We believe that AI will become the next technology to power every experience that we have with the machine.

At this exciting time, is exploring new user experience possibilities ranging from social natural conversations, image recognition, text to AI music.

Copycat (記者快抄) is an AI reporter that generates hundreds of news daily from PPT. Our automatic speech recognition system is able to listen to and undestand the unique language habit of Taiwanese people. Doppelgänger app shows that machine can tell subtle difference between two human faces. An AI frontdesk show its warmth and thoughtfulness by reminding employee about visitor arrivals as well as employee’s overworked hours.

It is only the beginning and our goal is to build revolutionary products to redefine human relationship with machine.

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