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Taiwan AI Labs (AILabs.tw) is a privately funded research organization based in Taipei. We expect artificial intelligence to have major and transformative impacts on the landscape of technology, and our goal is to leverage unique advantages in Taiwan to build AI solutions to solve the world’s problems. AILabs.tw is headed by Ethan Tu, a former principal development manager at US-based tech giant Microsoft Corp. He is well-known as the founder of PTT, which has grown into one of Taiwan’s most influential online forums since its launch in 1995.

At AILabs.tw, our focus areas are Healthcare, Smart City and Human interaction and these areas include research ranging from natural language processing, computer vision to deep learning and other advanced approaches.

Taiwan maintains the largest share of global IC wafer fab capacity in the world and the National Health Insurance reform in 1995 has aggregated comprehensive medical data for more than 20 years. As cloud and IoT innovations support insightful data collecting capability and digitized data drives AI research, AILabs.tw is at the forefront of data innovation.

Taiwan has an abundance of local talent in AI. National Taiwan University is the first school from Asia shown in top 50 AI universities list (source: Netease Wuzhen AI Summit Top Influential AI School, 2016 report), and we believe that with highly educated talent and strong academic partnerships, we will achieve incredible results.


Efforts to bolster the development of the Taiwan artificial intelligence sector are gaining momentum following the establishment of Taiwan AI Labs in Taipei City in 2017. Our mission is to integrate AI expertise and resources from academics, as well the public and private sectors around the world in order to foster AI innovation.

Taiwan AI Labs was announced with Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on April 27th 2017. At the press conference, MOST Minister Chen Liang-gee said the lab will help strengthen AI expertise and innovation-based growth in line with major state investments in digital infrastructure. The government planed to allocate NT$5 billion (US$167 million) toward building AI infrastructures and promoting tech talent cultivation under the Cabinet’s eight-year Forward-looking Infrastructure Program (FIP). Taiwan Digital Minister Audrey Tang, a noted computer programmer and digital entrepreneur hope that Taiwan AI Labs will help promote AI technology and integrate local academic institutions, nongovernmental organizations and small and medium enterprises through data exchange and open source projects. Tang said the government is committed to fostering the next generation of tech innovators. Besides talent cultivation initiatives under the FIP, plans are underway to incorporate digital learning programs into new curriculum guidelines for elementary and high schools across the country. Unveiled by the Executive Yuan, the FIP is aimed at stimulating growth and driving Taiwan’s industrial transformation over the next 30 years. Budgeted at NT$880 billion (US$29.3 billion), it spans five main areas: digital infrastructure, railways, renewable energy, urban-rural development and water resources, and is forecast to add NT$975.9 billion to the real gross domestic product over eight years.


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